Top 11 Digital Marketing Courses in Thrissur with 100% Job Assistance

digital marketing course in Thrissur
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Looking for job-oriented digital marketing courses in Thrissur, read this blog! If you wish to enjoy your work and earn a great package in digital marketing, you must know the suitable strategies for making content viral on the internet. Digital Marketing is a profit-making strategy for both small and large-scale businesses as well as a great career for individuals. The art of making a brand viral relies largely on the content as well as the platforms of promotion. It is a mixture of creative content and sharing platforms that create wonders in no time. Using the right strategy will deliver results within no time. Hence, keeping yourself updated with the right strategies is one of the most crucial aspects for digital marketers.

top 11 digital marketing coursesin Thrissur

For learning digital marketing, watching videos on YouTube, and reading blogs on Google is just not enough. You must gain hands-on experience through live projects. Anyone can tell you the trick, but not every trick will work for you. It is your responsibility as a digital marketer to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. And that can only be discovered by doing things practically.

Top 11 Digital Marketing Courses in Thrissur

In this blog, 11 digital marketing courses in Thrissur are mentioned that will help you to learn digital marketing and earn quite well. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

1) Academy of Digital Marketing (ADM)

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ADM is for those who want to gather unbeatable digital marketing skills. They offer job-oriented digital marketing courses in Thrissur. Their courses will help you be more creative and efficient in your work.

At ADM, you can learn everything from scratch. They offer two types of courses. One is the beginner course and the other is advanced. If you are new to digital marketing, you should opt for a beginner course. Their beginner course will give you a holistic view of aspects of digital marketing. Whereas the advanced course will enlighten you on particular types such as PPC, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and more.

ADM Course Module includes:

Why choose this digital marketing training institute in Thrissur?

  • They offer free masterclasses. Where the learners are enlightened on trending skills, the scope of digital marketing, salaries, career growth, and a lot more.
  • Nothing crucial is left out of the curriculum, which is quite extensive and covers all of the most important aspects of digital marketing.
  • Their batch timings are flexible. They offer both online and offline classes. ADM has introduced special afternoon batches for married ladies who wish to pursue their careers after a pause.
  • They offer placement support in well-known MNCs and remote jobs.
  • Academy of Digital Marketing offers an internship at Tattvam Media where the learners get to work on tools like SEMrush, SEO Quake Plug-in, SEO Moz Software, Alexa, and more.

2) EduGama Digital Agency

Edugama Digital Media is a collection of intelligent young innovators working hard to deliver good digital marketing courses in Thrissur. This is a marketing organization that provides full support for adopting digital strategies to brand your company and increase income.

They offer SEO courses which include optimizing a website, ranking better, more traffic, and increasing sales; social media promotion includes Promoting your Business through Social Media Marketing, branding, and graphics to showcase your brand with attractive Designs and attractive ideas. Web development and YouTube promotion.


ATEES Industrial Training offers good digital marketing courses in Thrissur to students. It provides an excellent chance for them to complete academic projects in IT/CS, electronics, and management. BE/Btech, ME/Mtech, MCA/BCA, M.Sc and B.Sc, MBA/BBA, MCA/BCA, M.Sc and B.Sc, MBA/B Students are given Windows and Linux-based projects to work on under the supervision of our expert panel. Our services have been used by over 300 colleges across India so far. Rather than simply developing their abilities, we want to mold each student into a natural talent.

Among the services, they offer are academic projects, web-based projects, live projects, non-IT projects, live projects, digital marketing courses in Thrissur, and IOS training courses.

4) Excellence Training Centre

Excellence Training Centre is one of the good institutes that offer digital marketing courses in Thrissur, with highly recognized credentials.

Engineering, Architecture, Fashion Design, Accounting & Finance, Business & HR Management, Sales & Marketing, Language Training, and Software Training are all areas in which we provide training. They give professional credentials to our students upon successful completion of courses, which aids them in obtaining the most incredible career possibilities.

Their students benefit from short training programs, seminars, educational events, and conferences offered by the Excellence Training Centre. We also help with internship programs and provide training. As a result, we assist our students in securing reputable and well-paid employment in their sector. With an Excellence Training Centre, you may have a successful career!

5) Vyiber Digital Academy

Vyiber Digital Academy provides jargon-free digital marketing courses in Thrissur emphasizing education, learning, transparency, and proven return on investment. Their trainers are well aware of current trends in online marketing. Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and we feel it is our responsibility to keep on top of these developments and pass on our knowledge.

We offer conversion rate optimization, including human-centered design, hypothesis planning, and business cases for CRO. Social media optimization includes planning content and posting features and tips. Content marketing for a beginner includes SEO and amplifications.

6) Synergy- The School Business Skill

One of Synergy SBS’s most important branches is the Synergy School of Business Skills, Thrissur. They offer good digital marketing courses in Thrissur. They have a network that spans metros, cities, and villages, supplying management professional personnel manufacturing services.

They have software engineers who use a participative and results-oriented approach to teaching students. Modern computer laboratories, executive classrooms, and a library of world-class courses and reference materials are all part of Synergy’s training infrastructure. They also offer a job placement assistance cell that helps with industry-institute collaborations, internships, projects, and job opportunities.

They also offer several courses, including sub-courses. Project management which provides for the other 18. Diploma in HRM, digital marketing, Oracle primavera.

7)  Nexxa Digital Academy

Nexxa Digital Academy is becoming increasingly dependent on computers. The digital age has arrived. Now is the moment to go digital. Digital marketing’s scope is expanding as a result. The future of digital marketing is bright. As a result, studying digital marketing benefits your life, profession, and company.

Professionals, students, and anyone interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing might benefit from advanced digital marketing courses in Thrissur. The digital marketing stream is continuously evolving because it is built on ever-changing technology.

They offer different levels of digital marketing, advanced, customized, integrated, and SEO.

8)  Great Learning

Great Learning, a BYJU’S group firm, is a prominent worldwide edtech company for professional and higher education. It delivers industry-relevant programs in the blended, classroom, and online modalities, spanning technology and data.

They have provided training to professionals worldwide, allowing thousands of them to further their careers. Their graduates have gone on to work for huge MNCs.

They provide extensive digital marketing courses in Thrissur. Apart from this, they offer several other courses; such as ads data science, artificial intelligence, software development, design, and cyber security. They also have other systems like the PG program and master’s programs.

9) Bull and Bear Academy

Bull and Bear’s academic depth and global viewpoint fuel creative and provocative business thought. They question traditional knowledge, change careers, and empower our employees to reshape the global business landscape. Our outward training programs are great for developing your personality, gaining confidence, and learning new skills and team building. Practical knowledge helps learners study more effectively.

Their digital marketing courses in Thrissur are built on current industry expectations. Our one-of-a-kind learning experiences are designed to immerse you in today’s business world’s creative, commercial, cultural, and business aspects. The most demanding occupations use cutting-edge technology and are produced by industry experts.

They offer several courses like GST and accounting, coaching for CA/CWA, website development, and HR payroll.

10) Bispage Digital Marketing

Bispage has made a name for itself in the IT business only via its innovative, effective, and one-of-a-kind work in the field of Website Development. They also offer digital marketing courses in Thrissur at a reasonable rate. It is clear from Bispage’s never-ending customer list how far we have outperformed all of our competitors.

They keep up with the regular changes in the Online Marketing sector, and Bispage’s core professional staff makes every effort to improvise to meet the customers’ demands.

11) Iframe Digital Marketing

In Thrissur, Iframe has a team of skilled digital marketing trainers who have been certified by an international company and have more than 10 years of experience. In Kerala, our agency has more than 500 active customers. They offer digital marketing courses in Thrissur such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, and more. They offer  100 % practical classes with a personal trainer since 2009. Along with the digital marketing course, international online certification will be completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

⇒     Why is digital marketing a strong professional career?

Digital marketing is referred to as “The Future of Marketing,”. Promoting your business through it is the most effective method of reaching people’s minds. Our world has become smaller due to digital technology, making it easier to communicate quickly with people. As a digital marketing training center, we provide customized Digital Marketing Courses in Pune, Mumbai, and Jaipur. Now we are coming for Thrissur also. You may pick from beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level courses.

⇒     Is it worthwhile to take an online digital marketing course?

Yes, because there will be no such differences between physical and online classes. All study materials will be available to you. Many students would consider taking an Online Digital Marketing Course due to time constraints.

⇒     What are the prerequisites for enrolling in the Digital Marketing course?

The Digital Marketing course does not require any special qualifications. However, graduation is regarded as the minimal requirement for applicants interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing. Anyone with a basic understanding of computers and a desire to succeed in the digital world can enroll in the Digital Marketing training course.

An aspiring digital marketer must enroll in a digital marketing course because that will help them understand strategies.

⇒     I have a career gap. Is it possible to study digital marketing?

The absence of restrictions is one of the most appealing characteristics of this industry. Regardless of their background, career gap, or experience level, anyone can study digital marketing and become a marketer. Various institutes are now open. You need first go through the digital marketing training, following that offers a placement guarantee.

It’s also true that getting a job at the best companies requires an interview. Whatever industry you come from, how much you learn from that course matters.

⇒     Do you help us to get Google certification?

Yes, after completing the training course, our institute awards certificates. Analytics and Hubspot certifications, as well as Google Adwords, are included in the accreditation. Our students will gain institute-level accreditation by completing the course successfully, such as social media certification.

⇒     Which institutes from the above-mentioned names provide the best job assistance?

With the Academy of Digital Marketing (ADM), complete job security is guaranteed!

Their training institution has partnered with several businesses to provide job placement services to our students. They also offer the option to collaborate with our agency and our clients. ADM assists their learners to get a permanent remote job as well.

⇒     After completing the Digital Marketing Course in what position do I envision myself?

Different career specialty courses are available in digital marketing. Every course has its own distinct characteristics.  Fortunately, if you choose to pursue this training course or have already completed it, you may find various job opportunities in multiple sectors. Some of the common digital marketing profiles at the freshman level include:

  • SEO Executive
  • Social Media Executive
  • Digital Marketing Executive

⇒     What would be the salary for the Digital marketing professional?

Most organizations give new employees roughly 2.4 lacs per year, depending on experience and competence. People with a strong profile might predict much more. For more information, please talk to us in the orientation session.

⇒     What is unique about ADM Education?

Their main purpose is to educate our pupils with 100% practical and theoretical knowledge. As a result, they also provide the option to engage in real-time client projects at Tattvam Media, our parent agency in Pune. Giving a chance to work on live client projects with industry professionals is an essential part of learning digital marketing.

⇒     What distinguishes ADM courses from those offered by other institutions?

More or less, the syllabus would be the same. We make sure to cover all the topics from scratch. Our information delivery approach is the key differentiator we believe we have. Our knowledgeable instructors have guided numerous students to successful professions. These include videos, templates, checklists, and assignments. Furthermore, the live experience is another distinction we observed.

Final Words

One of the most popular options among professionals and students has been to take digital marketing courses. After completing the best digital marketing courses, aspirants may exhibit their abilities in advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Messenger. Certifications and training in digital marketing are among the most in-demand courses today!

Any entrepreneur or company owner can use digital marketing to develop tactics and strategies to boost traffic to their site and engage and convert them. Higher sales and growth will result from becoming digital. Marketing is all about reaching the right people with the appropriate message, and digital marketing makes it easier to do so.

Among the mentioned institutes, ADM has special features to choose as the best choice. The sessions are open for professionals, business owners, freelancers, or anyone who wishes to explore the magic of online marketing. Every aspirant will get proper guidance till the end of the course.  They prefer small batches to focus on the individuals. This is one of the institute’s finest advantages; they choose quality above quantity.