Top 8 Digital Marketing Courses in Varanasi

Digital Marketing Courses in Varanasi
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Wish to explore digital marketing courses in Varanasi? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together a list of the best digital marketing training institutes in Varanasi, along with all the information you must know about each course to help you choose the right one for yourself.

“Marketing is the creative use of truth”- Philip Kotler.

Digital advertising is a type of marketing or advertising in which businesses use the internet to reach customers with their promotional ads. Simply put, digital advertising is when you see an ad on the internet.

With the increased usage of the internet and the advent of AI, digital marketing will become a necessity for business. Hence this is the best time to establish a career in this field. This skill-driven industry puts a lot of emphasis on doing business online. It also pays well and gives you the freedom to show off your skills in creative ways.

1) ADM

best digital marketing institute


Academy of Digital Marketing (ADM) is one of the best institutes offering extensive digital marketing courses in Varanasi where students, professionals, business owners, and anyone else who wants to learn digital marketing are welcome to learn. Their job-oriented course curriculum will help you to extract the maximum revenue for the employers.

This digital marketing training institute is founded by Mr. Himanshu Sharma. He has been an entrepreneur more than once and has worked in digital marketing for more than 8 years, starting this school. Being a successful digital marketer himself, he is well aware of what’s trending in this industry. He has worked with more than 100 clients, and his affiliate business has made him a lot of money. He is open to networking with skillful and zealous professionals with similar interests to explore new ideas.

ADM is one of Tattvam Media Pvt. Ltd.’s business units. Tattvam Media Pvt. Ltd. is a digital marketing company that specializes in generating leads.

Course Offered:

Have you ever reached out to the prospects via email and told them your brand story? If you are someone who thinks outside the box, writes interesting content, is good at analyzing things, and pays close attention to the details, then the email marketing course is for you.

In an email marketing campaign, getting permission from the audience before contacting them is the most important thing. No matter what, you should never send an email to a member who hasn’t signed up for your marketing emails.

At ADM, you will explore useful strategies for email marketing. Trainers at ADM educate their learners on complex topics in simple language.

Salient features of this digital marketing institute in Varanasi

  • They offer free masterclasses wherein they enlighten the learners on the career scope of digital marketing.
  • They offer practical classes.
  • There are different sizes of groups, and each student gets the attention they need.
  • They help find a job and groom a candidate for an interview.
  • The courses are made to fit what a digital marketing agency needs.
  • Get certified from Google and Hubspot.
  • They have versatile batch timings

2) Premium School of Digital Marketing

The Premium School of Digital Marketing is one of the well-known digital marketing training institutes for professionals seeking to learn internet marketing.

You can choose from a best digital marketing courses in Varanasi to get your career started. They offer training both online and offline, and offline classes have just started up again.

The institute helps students find jobs and gives them a certificate that they can put on their resumes to show that they are qualified.

Course Offered:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Structuring
  • Google Analytics
  • Website Creation Using WordPress
  • Understand Acquisition & Conversion
  • Google Search Console
  • Google My Business: Local Listings
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Facebook Organic
  • Twitter Organic
  • LinkedIn Organic
  • YouTube SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing: Google AdWords
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Conversion Tracking Tool
  • Remarketing and Conversion
  • Email Marketing
  • Growth Hacking Topic
  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • Introduction to Google AdSense
  • Google Tag Manager
  • SMS Marketing

Salient features of this digital marketing institute in Varanasi

  • Get trained under certified industry experts.
  • They offer job assistance and Interview Training
  • Their trainers have 20+ Industry Tools Mastery
  • Learners get to work on Live Projects
  • The learning experience with the latest technologies

3) National Digital Marketing Institute and Training

The National Digital Marketing Institute is a well-known institute that provides best digital marketing courses in Varanasi, opened in 2016. Anyone from recent college graduates to people who already work in the business can opt for digital marketing courses in Varanasi at NDMIT. The institute offers three types of digital marketing courses in Varanasi: a Starter course, an Advance course, and a Specialization course.

Before signing up for a course, candidates can try out free classes at the institute. Flexible training hours are set up for trainees, and they are also helped to find jobs.

Course Offered:

  • Online marketing
  • Website creation
  • Web Content Marketing
  • Lead generation and conversion optimization
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Introduction to Marketplace selling
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Online Media Buying
  • Online marketing strategy creation

Salient features of this digital marketing institute in Varanasi

  • They have flexible training hours.
  • They have limited batch sizes.
  • They provide effective study material.
  • They offer lifetime query support.

4) KDM – King of Digital Marketing Institute

One of the well-known places that offer best digital marketing courses in Varanasi is King of Digital Marketing. They have been offering the best online marketing courses for professionals for more than six years, and they help people find jobs in every case.

At least 6 major digital marketing in Varanasi can be taken at the institute. All of the courses are made by digital marketing experts who use an agency-based training method to help students learn the skills they need to work in the business world. So far, they have taught more than 640 people.

KDM gives candidates training sessions both online and in person. They also set up courses for professionals who want to improve their skills over the weekend. At the end of the course, students are also given 100 percent help with job placement and certifications.

Course Offered:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Analysis & Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • PPC Advertising
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile App Promotion
  • Youtube and Instagram Marketing
  • Online Display Advertising
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Lead Generation for Business
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Making Money Via Adsense
  • Blogging

Salient features of this digital marketing institute in Varanasi

  • They offer lifetime class access.
  • They offer job assistance.
  • Learners at this institute can work on live projects
  • They offer 15 Certifications
  • They deliver backup classes
  • They provide 24×7 online support

5) Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is a well-known place in Asia to get professional training. Since the company started in 2009, it has taught more than 38,000 students in almost 55 countries. It is also Google and Microsoft India’s official training partner. The institute has a number of courses in data analytics and digital marketing.

Here are the specifics of how the digital marketing course is put together. There are 44 modules in the course. Each idea has been broken up into a set of modules.

Course Offered:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • E-commerce Listing and Marketplace Selling
  • Programmatic Marketing
  • Adobe Analytics – SiteCatalyst
  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Sourcing

Salient features of this digital marketing institute in Varanasi

  • They offer 15+ certification
  • Get trained under experts.
  • They offer job placement assistance
  • Their course comprises more than 40 modules.

6) Digital Mart Lab and Institute

It is one of the good institutes offering digital marketing and web designing courses in Varanasi. They are focused on providing good training in software and digital marketing.

Some of the popular courses offered by this institute include Website Design and Development, Mobile App Development, and Search Engine Optimization.

The most important thing about Digital Marketing training is that it has more than 200 hours of classroom instruction. There are real-world training projects and help with job interviews. The Digital Marketing course at Digital Mart Lab gives you powerful Digital Marketing skills that help you follow the best practices in the industry and work on real-time, live projects.

Course Offered:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Search
  • Website Designing
  • Web Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • App Development
  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals

7) Digital Kal Varanasi

Digital Kal offers 4 digital marketing courses in Varanasi and has gained enough popularity since the year it has been established due to the quality of study material they offer.

The most important things about the digital marketing institutes in Varanasi are that they offer free demo sessions and hands-on training on all of the modules of digital marketing. In interactive classroom exercises, there are also daily tasks.

Most importantly, each trainer has at least 11 years of experience in the digital field and has worked on digital projects and campaigns for well-known brands and companies. The institute has more than 25 trainers and keeps its content up-to-date with the best practices, trends, and needs of the industry in mind. They also help with job placement and help after the course is over.

Course Offered:

  • Digital Marketing fundamentals
  • Graphic Designing fundamentals
  • Advanced Editing tool
  • WordPress Creation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Lead Management
  • Adsense Marketing
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Introduction To Marketplace
  • Growth Hacking
  • Online Media
  • Getting Started As Freelancers
  • Interview And Personality Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing Solutions
  • Google Analytics

8) Debuggers Varanasi

Debuggers Varanasi is one of the best places to learn how to code and do Digital Marketing. It offers courses in PHP training, Python, Java, Android app development, IOS unity game, angular JS node, JS user interface training, software testing, and Digital Marketing.

Courses Offered:

  • Python
  • Java
  • Android App development
  • IOS
  • Angular JS
  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • YouTube Channel Creation

9) Dizi Global Solutions

Dizi Global solution is a top marketing institute that can give you high-quality digital marketing courses in Varanasi. You’ll learn marketing tips and tricks that will help you make a successful Digital Marketing strategy.

Since it opened two years ago, the institute has been offering high-quality professional courses in Digital Marketing. So far, it has trained more than 250 people who have gone on to have successful careers.

They offer classes on the most important parts of digital marketing, like Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-click, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Email Marketing.

Salient Features of this digital marketing training institute in Varanasi:

Learners get to work on automated campaigns.
Their faculty has more than five years of professional experience with organisations.
This course is open to students, marketing professionals, business owners of small and medium-sized businesses, freelancers, and people who work from home.
The course would help them improve their skills and keep them up to date on what’s happening in the online market.


  1. Where can you learn the most about digital marketing?

ADM is the best place to learn about digital marketing. They offer classes via both online and offline modes. They offer a free masterclass. They conduct special afternoon classes for ladies who wish to restart their careers in digital marketing.

2. How much does a digital marketer get paid?

At the beginning level, a digital marketer makes between INR 1.8 and 4 lakhs per year. At the level of executive, the salary is about INR1.8 lakhs per year, and at the level of manager, the salary is about INR 5 lakhs or above per year.

But the digital marketer’s salary also depends on how skilled they are, how long they have been in the job, and how big the company they work for is.


So that’s all in the discussion. This was the list of the 8 best digital marketing courses in Varanasi, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

With the rise of the internet, digital marketing is getting bigger and bigger all the time. The number of jobs in digital marketing is on the rise. You can become a digital marketer and use your creativity to make blogs and websites more interesting. Those who want to try out new tools and methods can choose this line of work.

In the world, we live in now, learning about Digital Marketing is a must if you want to learn new skills and improve your knowledge.