Level Up Your Content: Edit Social Media Videos that Build Followers

Level Up Your Content: Edit Social Media Videos that Build Followers
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Videos have become a staple element in pretty much every effective social media marketing strategy. And with that comes a lot of saturation in the social media landscape.

As such, competition is stiff, and standing out takes a whole lot more than a smartphone and good lighting. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to know how to edit captivating social media videos that can convert.

Lucky for you, I’ve done the research. In this post, I’ll share some tips on how to transform static or lackluster footage into engaging videos that stop prospective followers in their tracks.

Let’s go!

7 Proven Tips to Edit Captivating Social Media Videos

Have a look at my top 7 tips on how to edit captivating social media videos that can engage and convert.

1. Cut the Fluff

More and more research shows that attention spans have been tanking over the years. So, for your videos to stick, they need to be concise. 

The good professional video editing software can help you cut the fluff from your videos and create more optimized videos for your social media campaigns.

If the goal is to edit captivating social media videos, stick to the highlights and avoid fluff that dilutes your message. For instance, if you’re including an introduction in your video, keep it under 10 seconds at most.

Hubspot data shows that short-form videos generate the highest ROI and engagement across social media platforms, including TikTok, YT Shorts, and Instagram Reels.

Image via HubSpot

Additionally, most social media platforms are more optimized for short videos and reward shorter content with more views and engagement.

2. Highlight Key Points with B-Roll

Breathe life into static shots like instructional footage or talking heads with relevant b-roll footage overlaid to visually reinforce your narrative. 

You can find relevant and free stock videos to use in your footage online and after that, use video editing tools to put it all together.

Highlighting with a b-roll could include incorporating clips of websites, social ads, or analytics in a video discussing digital marketing strategies. Take a look at this b-roll footage from the movie “The Tree of Life.”


What is B-Roll? How to Get Cinematic B-Roll for your Project

3. Optimize for Sound

Always make sure that your video sounds crisp. A clean, balanced sound ensures viewers actually hear your message. 

When editing, adjust audio levels to prevent peaking and use uniform volume levels across your clips. You could also add light background music or subtle sound effects like light taps or clicks to accentuate transitions and titles.

Likewise, review your finished videos across different devices to catch any missed echoes, pops, or cracks compromising sound quality before publishing.

Or better yet, use the ‘ducking’ technique to sidechain background music under voice overs so vocals remain crisp and uninterrupted.

4. Pace Your Cuts

The pace and timing of your transitions impact viewer engagement and information retention significantly. 

As you edit captivating social media videos, make sure to leave shots on screen for at least 3–5 seconds before cutting away. This allows the viewer adequate time to assimilate key points before moving on.

Also, pay attention to shot sequencing if you want to edit captivating social media videos that convert. Arrange your clips intentionally to take viewers on a visual ride from start to finish. 

You can start wider to establish context, then intercut close-ups to direct focus as you close on the most compelling parts of your story.

5. Use Text Overlays

Using text overlays is a simple but effective way to edit captivating social media videos. Overlay words on your video to spotlight key points, provide context, cite data, or inspire action steps.

For instance, you can call out interesting stats with full-screen overlays before returning to the main footage. Or you could summarize the main points in your video using bullet points at the conclusion. 

Even basic captions or subtitles with an enlarged or catchy font can help with viewer retention and interest.

Take a look at this screen grab of a video with text overlay, highlighting marketing tips.

Text overlay sample

Image via Storykit

6. Adapt Content by Platform

Resist the temptation to use the same video—format and all—across multiple social media platforms. In most cases, you have to trim pacing, effects, aspect ratio, and graphic loads to seamlessly fit the different platforms. 

For example, boomerangs, stickers, and text captions are best suited for Snap Stories or Instagram Reels, while 1-3 minute explainers fare better on YouTube.

Such context-conscious customization can help you create compelling social media content that impresses across different environments.

7. Leverage Online Video Makers

You might have a busy schedule and no time to edit captivating social media videos from scratch. However, this isn’t a license to churn out static or boring content. Instead, leverage pre-made templates and tools through online video makers. 

Most online video makers let you customize branded templates within minutes by simply dragging and dropping your own clips, images, text, and music. 

You can find them in the expert curated list such as Attrock list that effectively covers the top 10 online video makers you can leverage in 2024 to turn your video editing game around.

To edit captivating social media videos using online video makers, ensure you choose a professionally designed template that aligns with your video goals. 

Pitfalls to Avoid When Editing Social Media Videos

It’s great to be armed with some solid tips on how to edit captivating social media videos. However, it also helps to know what mistakes to avoid and how to edit with moderation. 

Here are some pitfalls to avoid if you want to edit captivating social media videos:

  • Failing to review videos in vertical and horizontal mobile orientations
  • Overusing effects like crazy transitions or hyper-colorful graphics that distract rather than complement the content
  • Including long segments of unnecessarily silent or static footage
  • Failing to check audio balance across clips or leaving some sections noticeably louder or quieter
  • Using elaborate intros and outros better suited for long-form YouTube videos on short social content
  • Ending videos abruptly without clear calls-to-action, next steps, or end screens to continue the viewer’s journey
  • Over-compressing videos during export, thereby sacrificing quality for smaller file sizes

Final Word: How to Edit Captivating Social Media Videos that Build Followers

From what I’ve presented here, you’d agree that you don’t need an expensive film crew or a film degree to edit captivating social media videos to build followers. 

By simply editing ordinary footage using techniques like fluff-free content, balanced audio, seamless transitions, and text overlays, almost anyone can produce stellar content.

Also, don’t forget to leverage online video makers to afford you a much easier editing process. With these tips, you’re well on your way to creating a video marketing campaign on a budget that converts.

Are there any video editing tricks that work wonders for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.