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Email Marketing Course in Pune

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Email Marketing Course in Pune

Planning to pursue digital marketing courses in Pune? The Academy of Digital Marketing is the right place for you. It offers affordable yet full-fledged courses in digital marketing. But if you are someone who loves to think outside the box, write captivating content, possess great analytical skills, and gives attention to detail, an Email Marketing course awaits you.

Introduction to Email Marketing

Email marketing is a type of digital marketing strategy which is used to target consumers directly through electronic media. Brands and organizations focused to build customer loyalty, acquire new customers and convert them, advertise, and communicate about any new product launches or promotional offers rely on this technique. There are three types of emails used for marketing- transactional emails, direct emails, and mobile marketing emails.

With everything moving online, the huge field of digital marketing is now essential. Numerous digital marketing institutes in Pune are established as a result of the growing demand and job prospects in the industry to educate students who can match the demands of the sector.

Typically the process involves creating customized emails for prospective customers after taking into consideration data mining, buying behavior, demographics, and other factors. This helps in targeting the right consumers at the right time with the right content.

Importance and Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important tool for building trust in a brand and earning customer loyalty. It is a powerful way to connect with your customers. When you send personalized and targeted emails to a specific audience, it strengthens your relationships with them, helps get you new leads, and maximizes the chances of conversion.

Email marketing for your goods or services can be a quick, adaptable, and affordable approach to attracting new clients and keeping hold of current ones by promoting frequent website visits. You may design personalized and targeted communications using email marketing.

Whether it is about communication regarding a product or updating on the latest offers or getting feedback, there is so much that you as a brand or a company can achieve by tapping the potential of email marketing strategy.

  • Integrate it into your marketing strategy and avail its several benefits
  • It is simple, inexpensive, and highly effective
  • It is easy to create and share
  • Allows for customization based on different types of customers
  • Offers global reach
  • Calls to action
  • Allows more space for content as compared to text messages
  • Improves the chances of conversion through email coupons, vouchers, creative advertisements, etc.
  • Ensures a high return on investment

Features of Email Marketing Course

When you register for email marketing, one of ADM’s most popular digital marketing courses in Pune, you are bound to get the best experience right from the time when you enroll yourself till you find a suitable job. Here are some more perks offered by the Academy of Digital Marketing:

  • The courses are designed through the experience gained in running a digital marketing agency
  • You get a chance to learn from industry experts having over 5 years of rich experience
  • To help you get the best exposure, the course includes training on live projects
  • We offer 100% assistance in job placement
  • We have a network of companies and agencies that are searching for experts in digital marketing field
  • The fee structure is quite affordable and based on the level of course you choose

Career Opportunities for Email Marketers

Email marketing is the future of marketing. It is an interesting career that teaches how to be creative, work with data and technology and create personalized messages for a target audience. Depending on what you love and what you are an expert at, the industry offers various career paths:

Email marketing is the future of marketing. It is an interesting career that teaches how to be creative, work with data and technology and create personalized messages for a target audience. Depending on what you love and what you are an expert at, the industry offers various career paths:

  • Email Designer
  • Web Copywriter
  • Data Modeler
  • Marketing Project Manager
  • Marketing Campaign Manager
  • Social Media Expert
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Online Marketing Executive

Topics Covered in Email Marketing Courses

ADM’s course on Email Marketing training in Pune includes the following topics:

Overview of Email Marketing
  • Introduction to Email Marketing and Advanced Versions
  • Email Marketing: Fundamentals, Best Practices and Myths
  • The Concept of Bulk Email
  • Implementation of Email Marketing for Various Purposes
Elements of Email Marketing
  • Advantages of HTML or Plain Text Formats
  • Permissions and E-permissions
  • Ethics and Frequency of Newsletters
  • Introduction to Email Marketing Strategies
Building an Email List
  • Ways to Create your Email List
  • How to Build Email List using a Website Subscription Form?
  • Segmentation of Customers
  • Creating Emails for Active Users
Measuring Email Campaign’s Success
  • Introduction to Open Rates, Click-Through-Rates, Conversion Rates, Bounce Rates, and Unsubscribe Rates
  • A/B Split Testing, Analyzing Test Results
  • Ways to Deal with Spam Filter
  • Choosing your Metrics
  • How to Keep a Track of Landing Pages?
  • Planning your Budget
Email Marketing Course In Pune

Planning to pursue an email marketing course in Pune? Academy of Digital Marketing is one shot solution for this skill for every aspirant.

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