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Myntra’s Digital Marketing Strategies: A Brief Study

Myntra's Digital Marketing Strategies
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Marketing is like telling everyone about cool stuff. It’s making things look great and telling people why they need it. This happens on TV, radio, and big signs outside. The goal is to make people interested and want to buy it.

Now, in the digital world, there’s digital marketing. It’s like modern marketing but on the internet. Think ads on websites and social media. They catch your eye and make you want to know more. Digital marketing is using online tools to do the same job as regular marketing.

Myntra, a famous online shop, is a digital marketing champ. They use social media, emails, and online ads to show off their trendy clothes. This helps them reach many people and get them to shop on their site. Using digital marketing tricks, Myntra has become well-known for easy online fashion shopping.

To summarize, marketing is spreading the word, and digital marketing does it online. Myntra shows how digital marketing can make a brand famous. It’s all about using online tools to get attention and make people like what you offer.


The founders of Myntra were Mukesh Bansal, Vineet Saxena, and Ashutosh Lawania. In 2007, Myntra started as something different from what it is now. It mainly sold personalized gifts back then, following a business-to-business (B2B) approach. However, in 2010, Myntra shifted gears from customized gifts to selling branded clothes online.

Myntra partnered with famous brands and began selling their latest products. It expanded to include international and high-end brands, even entering the lifestyle category.

Today, Myntra sells more than 500 Indian and international brands, including popular names like Nike, Adidas, Biba, Dressberry, Mango, and Only. It delivers to 9000 pin codes, making it a top choice for online shopping, especially among fashion enthusiasts.

What’s cool about Myntra is that it’s not just a regular shopping website. It’s like a big online store where you can pick from a bunch of different brands, both from India and other countries. It’s like having all the best shops right in your pocket, because Myntra has a super handy mobile app. This app is like a magic wand that lets you shop whenever and wherever you want. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use it – it’s designed to be easy for everyone.

One thing that sets Myntra apart is the way it gives you ideas. When you’re not sure what to wear for a special occasion, Myntra’s got your back. It suggests outfits, and it’s like having a personal stylist whispering fashion tips in your ear. If you’re worried about size, don’t sweat it. Myntra has a special guide that helps you figure out which size will fit you just right. And hey, if you’re the type who likes to hear what others think before you buy something, Myntra lets people write reviews. So, it’s like shopping with a bunch of friends who already tried everything on.

Guess what? Myntra loves to throw parties. Well, not the regular kind with balloons and cake, but they do something called “sales.” Imagine getting your favorite stuff at lower prices – that’s what Myntra’s sales are like. They even have special names for these parties, like the “End of Reason Sale.” 

You might wonder, what’s the story behind Myntra? 

Well, in 2014, it joined the Flipkart family. Flipkart is another big online shopping place, and they saw something special in Myntra. They said, “Hey, you’re pretty awesome on your own, so let’s team up.” And that’s what they did. But don’t worry, Myntra still does its own thing.

Remember those clothes with fancy names you see on billboards? Myntra has those, too. But they also have something called “private labels.” These are like Myntra’s own creations. They’re like your favorite chef coming up with a new recipe. They’ve got labels like Roadster and HRX by Hrithik Roshan. It’s their way of saying, “Hey, we’ve got some unique stuff you won’t find anywhere else.”

Myntra also cares about the world. They’re into sustainable fashion, which is like being eco-friendly with style. They want fashion to be kind to the planet, and they work with artisans who make amazing things by hand. It’s like supporting local artists while looking cool at the same time.

So there you have it – Myntra, your go-to fashion destination right at your fingertips. It’s like a virtual mall where you can explore, discover, and find things that fit your style. 

From clothes that make you go “wow” to little things that add a touch of you to your home, Myntra’s got it all. It’s shopping made easy, like finding a hidden treasure with a map that’s right on your phone.

4Ps Strategies by Myntra


Myntra is an online store that sells clothes and other things. It started by making personalized gifts, but now it’s a big place for fashion. It has more than 2000 brands on its website. Myntra lets people buy and sell things. It also offers extras like free home delivery and easy returns. There’s a new service where you can try on clothes before buying.


Myntra wants to have good prices in a tough market. Even though it sells branded stuff, it usually makes things cheaper with discounts. This makes people like Myntra and want to buy more. They have big sales where things are much cheaper, like the “End of Reason Sale.” They also use smart software to change prices based on how people use the website. This is called “dynamic pricing.” Their own brands are cheaper too, about 20-25%. Myntra’s own brands give them more money, about 60% compared to 35-40% from other brands.


Myntra is online, so people use the website or app to buy things. They show all the details about what they’re selling. After people buy, they pack the things and send them from the nearest warehouse. You can also pay when the stuff arrives. They’re using technology to make this faster and cheaper. Myntra is working on delivering things from closer places to save time and money.


Myntra tells people about itself in different ways. They put ads in newspapers and on TV. They even show famous people buying from Myntra in commercials. Online, they use things like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to show what they have. They started on Facebook a long time ago and now lots of people follow them. They also give special deals on the website and send emails to people about them.

Myntra’s Social Media Marketing Strategies

  • Myntra on Instagram:

Myntra has about 35 lacs followers on Instagram and has shared around 12,564 posts

myntra instagram handle

Myntra’s Instagram handle: myntra

Having a large number of followers on Instagram is very helpful for our brand. It allows them to reach a wide audience and share updates, new arrivals, and discounts directly.

It also assists in staying connected with the customers and keeps them engaged with our latest offerings, enhancing the brand’s visibility and customer interaction.

Myntra shares various types of posts on Instagram, including reels, giveaways, and influencer collaboration posts. These posts play a crucial role in nurturing engagement. They not only capture attention but also encourage interaction and participation from our followers. Diverse post types allow us to maintain a dynamic and interesting feed, showcasing different aspects of our brand, products, and promotions, which keeps our audience intrigued and connected.

Some of their Instagram posts include: 

  • Reels

Creating reels on Instagram provides brands with several advantages. Reels are short, captivating videos that swiftly grab attention. They help showcase products, share narratives, and entertain the audience, nurturing a strong connection. Reels also enhance discoverability, as they appear on the Explore page, amplifying brand visibility and interaction.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by MYNTRA BEAUTY (@myntrabeauty)

  • Influencer Collaboration post

Myntra teamed up with influencer Palak Tiwari to update followers about the latest arrivals of US Polo handbags. 

Collaborating with influencers on Instagram brings several benefits. 

It widens our reach to their engaged audience, builds authenticity through their endorsement, and enhances credibility. This partnership helps us effectively introduce our products to a broader and more receptive community.

  • Discount offers

  • Memes

Posting memes on Instagram offers brands like Myntra a range of benefits. Memes are relatable and funny, which draws attention and engagement from the audience. They help humanize the brand, making it more approachable and relatable. This approach can attract a wider audience and increase the likelihood of social media shares, expanding brand visibility.

Myntra on Facebook


myntra facebook handle

Myntra has 58 lacs followers on Facebook. Marketing on Facebook offers brands several advantages. One unique benefit is their ability to utilize Facebook’s advanced targeting options. By employing these tools, brands can display their products to specific groups of people who are more inclined to have an interest. This approach leads to efficient and effective advertising, optimizing the impact of their marketing endeavors.

Some of their attractive post of Facebook include:

  1. Post on discount:
  2. Festive post
  3. Collaborative post
  4. Buy 1 get one free post

Myntra’s Email Marketing Strategies

Myntra makes use of email marketing to keep buyers informed about special festival offers. This is quite beneficial for a few reasons.

Firstly, sending emails about festival deals creates excitement. When Myntra sends out these emails, it’s like telling everyone, “Hey, we’ve got some really cool stuff for the festival!” People get interested and want to know more about what’s happening at Myntra.

But there’s more to it. These emails also help in attracting potential customers. When buyers open these emails, they might click on the links to explore the festival offers. This action shows they’re curious and want to learn more. It’s kind of like when you see something interesting and want to know more about it.

Now, let’s talk about the other benefits of these festival emails. They’re not just for creating interest; they also remind people about the deals. Sometimes during festivals, we get so busy that we forget about cool offers. But when Myntra sends an email with those festival deals, it’s like a friendly reminder – “Hey, don’t miss out on these awesome offers!”

Plus, these emails are a quick and cost-effective way for Myntra to reach many people. It’s like sending a message to a bunch of friends all at once. This helps Myntra spread the word about their festival offers without spending too much money.

Also, they inform their buyers about the new arrivals from various brands like H&M, Peter England, etc.

They send emails about new arrivals and discounts on products from various brands like H&M, Peter England, and Puma. These emails feature catchy headlines and attractive visuals. Here are the advantages of receiving these types of emails from Myntra:

Staying Informed: These emails keep customers informed about the latest trends and new collections. This way, they always know what’s new.

Exclusive Offers: Customers receive exclusive discounts and special offers, ensuring they don’t miss out on sales and limited-time promotions

Attention-Grabbing Titles: The emails come with titles that immediately catch attention and give a glimpse of what’s inside. This makes it easier for recipients to decide whether to explore further.

Appealing Visuals: The emails are visually appealing, with images showcasing the latest styles and products. It’s like having a virtual shopping experience.

Convenient Shopping: Direct links in the emails make it convenient for recipients to explore and shop for the featured products without any extra effort.

Being Trendsetters: By receiving early notifications, customers have the opportunity to be trendsetters among their friends, staying ahead in terms of fashion.

Not Missing Out: The emails ensure that customers are always aware of any irresistible offers or deals, preventing them from missing out on great opportunities.

Range of Brands: From the casual vibe of H&M to the sophisticated touch of Peter England, and the sporty style of Puma, these emails introduce customers to a variety of brands that match their preferences.

Myntra’s SEO Strategies

myntra oraganic traffic

The Myntra website is optimized for mobile devices, providing a user-friendly experience on smartphones and tablets.

A mobile-friendly site has advantages: it’s simple to navigate and read on phones, which most people use. It helps them access products effortlessly. For SEO (Search Engine Optimization), mobile-friendly sites are favored by search engines. They get higher rankings, making it easier for users to find them when they search online.

Myntra has attracted substantial organic traffic of 77,900,000, complemented by paid traffic of 50,86,000. Additionally, the platform has established an impressive backlink network of 75 lacs.

  • Myntra employs do-follow backlinks, which have clear benefits for a website. These backlinks pass on link juice, enhancing search engine ranking. They also improve domain authority and visibility, leading to increased organic traffic. By incorporating do-follow backlinks, websites can build a strong online presence and attract more visitors.

myntra do follow backlinks

Myntra’s Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Myntra uses the power of affiliate marketing, a dynamic strategy that has proven its effectiveness in the digital world. This approach involves collaborating with partners who promote the company’s products and earn a commission for every successful sale generated through their efforts. The concept is a symbiotic relationship where both Myntra and its affiliates benefit.

Affiliate marketing offers several advantages that contribute to its popularity. Firstly, it allows businesses like Myntra to expand their reach without investing heavily in traditional advertising methods. Affiliates, often bloggers, influencers, or website owners, tap into their existing audience to promote Myntra’s products. This naturally introduces the brand to a broader demographic, increasing its visibility and potential customer base.

Additionally, affiliate marketing is a cost-effective approach. Instead of spending a significant budget on advertising campaigns with uncertain outcomes, Myntra only pays affiliates when their promotional efforts lead to actual sales. This cost structure ensures that the company’s marketing budget is spent efficiently, delivering tangible results.

The collaboration in affiliate marketing is grounded in shared responsibility. Affiliates take on the task of marketing Myntra’s products while the company provides them with unique affiliate links. These links allow Myntra to track the origin of sales generated by each affiliate, ensuring accurate commission attribution. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship – affiliates earn a percentage of the sale, and Myntra gets increased exposure and sales.

For affiliate marketing to be successful, transparency and trust are key. Myntra and its affiliates need to communicate effectively and maintain an open relationship. Transparency ensures that affiliates understand the products they’re promoting, enabling them to provide accurate information to potential customers.

Myntra’s Google Ads strategies

myntra google ad

Myntra utilizes Google Ads to enhance their marketing efforts. The advantages of using Google Ads are substantial. 

One unique benefit is the use of Remarketing Ads, where they show tailored ads to users who previously visited their website.

 This keeps their brand fresh in the minds of potential customers, encouraging them to return and make a purchase.

 Moreover, Myntra employs Keyword Match Types to ensure their ads appear in relevant searches. They also make use of Ad Extensions, like Sitelink Extensions, to provide additional information and direct users to specific landing pages. 

This targeted approach enhances their visibility and increases the chances of converting potential customers into actual buyers.


As we come to the end of our exploration into Myntra’s digital marketing strategies, it’s clear that they do more than just show off clothes – they’re experts at getting people’s attention online. From funny memes that make us laugh to teaming up with famous folks who grab our interest, Myntra really knows how to make things interesting. What makes Myntra’s digital marketing strategies special is how they create content that people really like. It’s not just about selling stuff; it’s about making a connection that goes beyond the screen.

Think of Myntra’s digital marketing strategies like a perfectly tailored outfit – they’re made to match what people like and want. Every post and campaign adds up to a bigger picture: making customers like Myntra and keeping them interested. And they’re not just sticking to one place; they’re making sure they’re seen on social media, search engines, and other spots too.

In this ever-changing online world, Myntra’s strategies stand out because they’re creative and fresh. They’re not just copying trends; they’re starting them. With every scroll, click, and share, people become a part of Myntra’s story. That’s what Myntra digital marketing strategies are all about – they’re not just plans; they’re like journeys that take people on a stylish adventure, one post at a time.

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