Write For Us: How to Guest Post on The ADM Blog?

Attention all writers and content creators! We are thrilled to announce that we are now welcoming guest posts. If you’re interested in contributing to the ADM blog, we invite you to visit this page. Here, you will find comprehensive guidelines outlining the process and requirements for writing for us. We can’t wait to read your submissions! Mail us : support@admeducation.com

Guest Posts Guidelines

Our primary goal is to share informative, engaging, and entertaining content. If you want to show how good you are at something, our blog is a great place for you to do that. However, we have a few guidelines in place to ensure the quality of the content we publish:

  • Niche: We accept content from three niches only- Digital Marketing, Marketing, and Business. You can reach out to us only if you have content for the mentioned niches.
  • Original Content: We do not welcome duplicate submissions, and we carefully examine each article for plagiarism.
  • Length: To provide in-depth information, we require guest posts to be at least 1,000 words long.
  • Style: Write in a warm and easy-to-understand way, like you’re talking to a buddy while explaining something. Avoid over-complicating the content or being disrespectful. You can check out our blog to get more clarity on writing style..
  • Organization: Make your content easier to read by dividing it into parts with clear titles, subtopics, and bullet points. Including 2-3 relevant images per 1,000 words is recommended. You can source high-quality images from various tools, ensuring proper attributions are given.
  • Grammar: Before submitting your article, proofread and edit it as necessary. If you’re uncertain about your grammar, we recommend using Grammarly, a free online tool.
  • Outbound LinksYour guest post should include a minimum of 2 external links to credible websites, as well as at least 2 links to other relevant blog posts on our site.
  • BacklinksFeel free to add a link to your website, but it should relate to the blog post’s topic. We allow only 1 do-follow backlink within the content for link-building purposes. Please note that we do not permit links to Crypto/Casino/Gambling/Forex/CBD and Sports Betting websites
  • LanguageWe follow US English conventions for all our content, so please ensure your post adheres to this standard.
  • Author Bio: When submitting the final draft, please include a brief author bio along with a 150x150px photo. The author bio should be not more than 50 words and may include one link to your business website or social media handle.

Note: We maintain complete editorial authority over the content and may make edits or changes to what you submit. This may involve removing excessive self-promotion, optimizing for SEO, or making other edits, both minor and significant.

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