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Asian Paints’ Digital Marketing Strategies : A Brief Study

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Marketing is basically the technique of convincing you that you absolutely, positively, urgently need a product you had no idea about just five seconds ago.

Asian Paints is a company from India that makes paint. They started a long time ago, in 1942, and now they are well-established players in this segment. People like their product because it’s good, but what they enjoy the most, are the creative and hilarious ads they make. These advertisements make them stand out and drive brand conversations

We are here to learn about Asian Paints’ marketing ways i.e. how they capture their market. They don’t just talk about the paint; they place their product well, creatively convey the USPs and use humor to be rememberable. This makes people want to buy it. We will look at the different types of paint and why they are special. We’ll also see how their ads have changed over time.

It’s a simple and interesting story, and we’ll go step by step to understand it better. We’ll learn how they make people like their paint and want to use it for their homes. Let’s get started!


Asian Paints

Over more than seven decades, the brand Asian Paints has risen to become a leading name in the Indian paint industry, marking its presence not just through its extensive product range but also its innovative approach to digital marketing strategies. 

With a focus on quality, diversity, and customer engagement, Asian Paints has become a household name that resonates with colors, transformation, and creativity.

Starting from its modest origins to achieving its current iconic stature, Asian Paints’ journey is truly motivating.

It all began in a garage in Mumbai, where four friends came together to start a small paint company. Over time, their dedication to producing high-quality paints and a keen understanding of market trends led them on a path of continuous growth. 

Asian Paints’ commitment to research and development allowed them to introduce products that catered to various segments of the market, solidifying their position as a key player.

The company’s success has been greatly attributed to its marketing strategies, both traditional and digital. 

Asian Paints recognized the importance of connecting with customers on a personal level, something that digital platforms offered like never before. Asian Paints stands out by coming up with cool ideas to grab people’s attention and make them interested. By utilizing social media, creative content, and interactive campaigns, the brand has effectively harnessed the power of the digital landscape.

Asian Paints’ digital marketing strategies have revolved around customer engagement and education. 

Through their online presence, they have managed to bring colors to life, making them more than just pigments on a palette. 

Their engaging content, whether it’s step-by-step painting tutorials or showcasing real-life transformations, has made the process of choosing and applying paint an exciting adventure for customers.

One of the key aspects of Asian Paints’ digital marketing success is its ability to adapt and stay current. 

In a fast-paced world where trends shift rapidly, the brand has successfully maintained its online strategies as current and fitting.

They understand the pulse of their audience and have seamlessly incorporated humor, relatability, and real stories into their campaigns. 

This doesn’t just make the brand more relatable; it also forms a powerful emotional bond with customers.

Asian Paints has also adopted the potential of content created by users. They encourage their customers to share their paint projects and experiences on social media platforms, creating a sense of community and loyalty.

By doing so, they tap into the potential of word-of-mouth marketing, with satisfied customers becoming brand advocates in the digital space.

Moreover, Asian Paints’ digital marketing strategies extend beyond just selling products. 

They are keen on providing value to their customers. From color selection tools that assist in choosing the perfect shade to online consultations for home décor, Asian Paints has positioned itself as a partner in the creative journey of transforming living spaces.

4Ps Strategy for Asian Paints


Asian Paint 4Ps Strategy

Asian Paints follows four key strategies to effectively sell their paints and coatings. These strategies are known as the Product, Price, Place, and Promotion strategies. Now, let’s examine each of these strategies more closely using plain language:

1. Product Strategy:

Asian Paints sells different types of paints. Some are fancy and cost more, like Asian Paints Royale. Others are cheaper, like apcolite, tractor emulsion, and tractor distemper.

They also offer things to help with painting, like Decoprime Advanced Cement Primer, TruCare Interior Wall Primer, TruCare Interior Wall Primer, and Royale Wall Base coat. They even have special items like Trucare 2x primer putty mix, Tricare super putty, and acrylic wall putty.

But it’s not just regular paint – they also have coatings like epoxy coatings and heat-resistant paints. These are used in industries that make things like refrigerators.

If you’re thinking about all the stuff Asian Paints has, you’ll see they have everything you need for painting, from paint itself to tools and other things you might need.

And if you want something fancy, they have this cool thing called Royale Play. It makes your walls look really cool with different textures and effects.

2. Price Strategy:

Asian Paints prices its products a bit higher than its competitors. This is because they really focus on making high-quality stuff. Their Royal product range, meant for folks with more money to spend, costs more.

For people who want good quality but don’t want to spend a lot, Asian Paints has regular prices. They also change the price based on what special things each product has. Sometimes, the cost goes up or down because of the materials used to make the paint.

If you buy a lot of stuff at once, Asian Paints gives you a deal – you pay a bit less. And the stores that sell their paint get rewards and discounts when they buy a bunch of it. So, overall, Asian Paints decides how much to charge based on how good the product is, what others are charging, and what customers need.

When it comes to advice about painting, Asian Paints charges more than other similar companies. They mainly want to work with construction companies and contractors, and they give these folks discounts when they buy a lot of paint.

3. Place Strategy:

Asian Paints operates in 19 countries across the globe and runs more than 25 paint manufacturing facilities worldwide. In each of these 19 countries, they have set up manufacturing and production units.

They’ve also established a division for Research and Technology, where a team of over 200 qualified scientists works on developing paints. Asian Paints’ international team is present in countries like Bangladesh, Barbados, Bahrain, Egypt, Emirates, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Oman.

In their marketing strategy, Asian Paints emphasizes distributing products through retailers, which is a vital part of their approach. The company’s success is also tied to its extensive distribution network across India.

Furthermore, the Asian Paints Color Academy offers training for both new and experienced painters. To enhance customer experience, they’ve created Signature Stores in Mumbai, Kolkata, and New Delhi.

These stores provide expert guidance on painting ideas, trends, and visualizing dream homes using the latest technology. Additionally, Asian Paints collaborates with multiple distributors across India to ensure the availability of their products.

4. Promotion Strategy:

Asian Paints Ranbir Kapoor Ad

Asian Paints always liked advertising. In the 1950s, they said, “Don’t get angry, use Tractor Distemper” to talk about Tractor Distemper paint. They made a character named “Gattu” by a famous artist R.K. Lakshman, to talk to middle-class people. Gattu was in ads on TV and in newspapers, so more middle-class people heard about Asian Paints.

Later on, Asian Paints got even more serious about advertising. They teamed up with a company called Ogilvy & Mather.

They made a cool line, “Every Home Tells a Story,” that people liked. In 2000, Asian Paints stopped using Gattu and used their logo instead.

They also got some famous people to help. Bollywood actors like Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, and cricketer Rahul Dravid talked about Asian Paints. They also did things like using hashtags on social media to talk about their product Apex Ultima Protek.

They used “#Barishkoaanedo” to say the paint can handle heavy rain. They did contests on social media too, like #DonateAWall, to get people interested.

Asian Paints Deepika Padukone Ad

Asian Paints have perfected these four strategies to help them conquer the market: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

These strategies help them in pricing the products just right, strategically placing them to be conveniently available and of course, the quality of their paints retain their customers.

With time they have built on their core strategies to keep up with the industry growth and market demands to maintain their place as the leader in the market.

Asian Paint Social Media Marketing Strategies

Asian Paints on Instagram

Asian Paints maintains a vibrant presence on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where they have shared a total of 4,055 posts. This engaging content has garnered a substantial following of 277K followers.

The official handle of Asian Paints is @asianpaints

Creative Content: Their Instagram features creative content, which captivates, educates, and emotionally resonates. Creative posts differentiate the brand and encourage engagement and influencer collaboration.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Asian Paints (@asianpaints)

They collaborate with celebrities like Zakir Khan for maximum engagement


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Asian Paints (@asianpaints)

Giveaway Post: Their Instagram activity includes a variety of giveaway posts.

Giveaways boost product visibility, gather audience insights, encourage user-generated content, facilitate collaborations, and reward loyalty, while creating FOMO and building a supportive community.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Asian Paints (@asianpaints)

Festive Content: They share festival-related content.

Creating festival posts on Instagram helps brands connect culturally, show personality, offer value, and inspire creativity while fostering emotional bonds and encouraging organic sharing.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Asian Paints (@asianpaints)

Influencer marketing: Asian Paints partners with influencers like Mouni Roy…

Influencer collaboration on Instagram brings authentic connections, niche relevance, diverse content, and humanized storytelling.

Asian Paints Mouni Roy Instagram post

Asian Paints on Facebook

Currently, Asian Paint has 3,65,000 followers on Facebook.

On Facebook, the audience’s engagement rate stands at 0.11%, with each post receiving an average of 2100 likes and 68 comments.

Asian Paints focuses on curating content that resonates with its target audience. This includes sharing design inspiration, home decor tips, color trends, and DIY ideas. By providing valuable and relevant content, they position themselves as an authority in the home decor space.

Asian Paints stays current by participating in relevant trending topics and hashtags. This not only makes them more noticeable but also demonstrates their capability to adjust and engage with trending discussions.

Asian Paints Twitter Strategies

Asian Paints twitter handle

At present, Asian Paints boasts a following of 120.8k on Twitter.  

Engagement is a cornerstone of Asian Paints’ strategy. They respond promptly to comments, questions, and mentions from followers. This two-way interaction builds a stronger brand-consumer relationship and fosters a sense of community.

Creating and promoting unique hashtags related to their campaigns or products helps Asian Paints generate buzz and encourages user participation. This might result in a broader audience reach and content created by users.

SEO Strategies for Asian Paints

Asian Paints organic traffic

At present, they are experiencing 22, 00,000 organic visitors, and 45,000 paid visitors, and have accumulated 2,37,000 backlinks.

Backlinks are like online paths that connect websites. For Asian Paints, they mean getting noticed by search engines, building trust, showing expertise, and bringing in more visitors. Backlinks boost the website’s credibility, search result rankings, and visitor traffic. 

They have 283 backlinks from E-commerce Domain:

Google Ad Strategy for Asian Paints

Asian Paints, being a prominent player in the paint and coatings industry, would likely tailor their Google Ads strategy to target specific goals, such as brand awareness, lead generation, and sales conversion. Here are some potential components of their strategy:

Picking the Right Words: Asian Paints chooses specific words that match what people search for, like “indoor paint” or “outdoor paint.” This helps their ads show up when people look for these things.

Writing Interesting Ads: They make their ads catchy, talking about what makes their paints special. They might also mention any deals or offers they have. They can also add extra bits to the ads to give more info, like links to specific parts of their website.

Showing Ads in the Right Places: They decide where to show their ads based on where they want to sell. So, if they want to sell more in a certain city, they show more ads there.

Cool Pictures and Videos: Instead of just regular ads, they might also put up nice pictures and videos of their paints. These can show how the paints look in homes and other places.

Getting People Back: If someone visited their website but didn’t buy anything, they try to bring them back by showing ads again. These ads can remind people about the paints they looked at before.

Talking to Different Groups: They make ads for different types of people. For example, they might make one ad for people who like bright colors and another for people who like calm colors.

Nice Pages for Clicking: When people click on their ads, they go to special pages that talk about what the ads said. These pages are easy to use and help people buy or learn more.

Testing Different Things: They try out different things in their ads, like changing the words or pictures, to see what works better. This helps them make the ads even better.

Money Plans: They decide how much money to spend on each ad. If an ad is working well, they might spend more money on it.

Monitoring and Correction: They closely observe how the ads are performing and make necessary corrections. If some ads aren’t doing well, they figure out why and fix them to do better.


As we wrap up our colorful journey through the realm of Asian Paints’ digital prowess, we can’t help but applaud the sheer creativity they’ve brought to the online palette. Just as their paints transform ordinary walls into captivating canvases, their digital marketing strategies have injected life and vibrancy into the digital landscape.

It’s as if their marketing team wields keyboards and screens with the finesse of expert painters, crafting engaging narratives and captivating visuals that leave an indelible mark.

In a world where algorithms and analytics often dictate the course of digital marketing, Asian Paints stands out as a reminder that true success comes from connecting with people on a human level. Behind the scenes of metrics and data lies a team that understands the essence of storytelling.

With each post, tweet, and campaign, they’ve managed to evoke emotions, inspire action, and create a community that feels like a brushstroke of belongingness.

So, whether you’re swiping through your feed or contemplating a color change for your living room, remember that behind the virtual curtain, Asian Paints’ digital marketing strategies are at play – blending creativity, strategy, and innovation to craft an experience that’s both relatable and remarkable.

Their approach not only mirrors their commitment to delivering quality paints but also showcases their dedication to being a brand that resonates with its audience beyond mere transactions.

As we step away from this digital canvas, we’re reminded that the colors Asian Paints spreads aren’t limited to walls – they’re painted across screens and hearts.

The brushstrokes of their digital marketing strategies have left an impression that lingers, much like a perfectly chosen shade in a well-designed room.

So, whether you’re a marketing enthusiast seeking inspiration or simply a lover of captivating content, let Asian Paints’ journey in the digital realm be a testament to the power of imagination, innovation, and a dash of color in all things digital.

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